Sell Us Your Forklift Batteries

Do you have spare, used, or scrap-quality forklift batteries lying around? Sell us your forklift batteries! A large percentage of what we do revolves around rejuvenating older or scrap batteries through our 16-step battery refurbishing process and making these affordable power sources available to those looking for power sources. As a result, we always need old batteries to restore to working order.

Our process gives us refurbished batteries that contain at least 85% of the capacity the battery would have initially had. So, this refurbishing process comes very close to giving forklift batteries lives that last twice as long as originally intended. If you have need of a cheaper power source, you should check out our refurbished batteries and find one for your forklift model. But if you have any batteries that are no longer needed, you can sell us your forklift batteries for more than a scrap yard will pay.

We buy your forklift batteries even if they’re used, depleted, or are of scrap quality. Help us provide others with affordable power source alternatives while also cutting back on the demand for the CO2-producing lead-acid smelting involved with new battery fabrication.

Refurbished Forklift BatteryScrap Forklift Batteries

Do you have any scrap forklift batteries that you are looking to sell or dispose of? We are world leaders in the Forklift Battery Reconditioning industry and we will buy your scrap forklift batteries. We are also equipped to safely handle, store, and transport scrap batteries. Click Here to learn more.

Used Functional or Surplus

Do you have any used forklift batteries that are no more than 5 years old that you are looking to sell or dispose of? We are world leaders in the Battery Reconditioning industry and usually will pay more than scrap price for these kinds of used forklift batteries. Click Here to learn more.