Refurbished Forklift Batteries for Sale

IMG_0175 Check out our range of refurbished forklift batteries for sale and see if we have a refurbished forklift battery to suit your needs on the list below. If your forklift batteries aren’t lasting as long as they used to

We are extremely proud to state that our refurbished forklift batteries are guaranteed to retain a minimum of 85% of the rated capacity of brand-new forklift batteries. They come with a standard 1-year warranty or an optional 2-year warranty. Shipping is included in continental North America. Our refurbished forklift batteries for sale offer consumers a more affordable power source option for forklifts. Our refurbished forklift batteries retain a minimum of 85% of the original battery’s capacity. Considering the cost difference between new and refurbished batteries, this can be a very affordable power source option.

If you have used forklift batteries of your own, you can send them to us for reconditioning, as well. But purchasing a new or refurbished battery may still be necessary to ensure that you have working forklift batteries while your used batteries are being reconditioned.

We hope you can see the cost-saving advantages of using Green Power’s refurbished forklift batteries. This also contributes to limiting the needless smelting of lead-acid and the CO2 emissions it causes by decreasing otherwise endless consumer demand for brand-new forklift batteries. Try one of our refurbished forklift batteries today!

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